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Jan 17

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LCol Plourde

Dear friends of the Regiment,

Welcome to the website of the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada. During your visit, you will discover the unique story of this Canadian infantry unit. You will be able to witness the professionalism and dedication of our soldiers that are currently serving in Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, recently fought in Afghanistan to the feats of their predecessors who volunteered and bore arms to protect their homeland during the first years of the regimental history. Through them, you find countless stories of valour and sacrifice in defending Canadian values while making the world a better place.

From distant lands in southern Africa, fierce trench fighting during the First World War and battlefields from Western Europe to the sands of Afghanistan, Black Watch members have accomplished their duty with bravery and were often the actors of multiple acts of courage and unselfishness. Our commitment is also demonstrated today in our communities when the Regiment is deployed to support civilian authorities during natural disasters such as the spring 2017 floods in western Quebec.

While browsing through our history, have a thought for the men and women who have left their homes as well as those who are currently deployed in conflict zones around the globe. These people are active members of our communities who have made the choice to be actively engaged in helping their brothers and sisters around the world while showing their belief in our ideals and values. We, in the Black Watch, are united in our commitment to serve our country and our communities. The members of our Regimental Family, as our countrymen and women, are exceptional Canadians who deserve our respect and gratitude.

Your Canadian Black Watch has demonstrated, throughout its 155 years of history, its commitment to Canadian values, its Scottish and military heritage and its pride in serving our country. Your virtual stay with us will give you a succinct but faithful picture of the contribution of these men and women who answered the call of duty.

Thank you for your support and I hope you find your visit enjoyable.



Nemo me impune lacessit

Lieutenant-Colonel Bruno Plourde, CD
Commanding Officer


Home Components Army Reserve CO's Message